The Last-Mile Delivery Experience Sucks.

The last-mile delivery experience sucks. There are so many venture-capital-subsidized delivery services in the bay area. They double park, block traffic, dump the stuff on the front door, sheepishly smile if you happen to catch them, some even might utter a word or two. They are the workforce behind the “sharing economy” (I wonder who is sharing here, and with whom…). They are lowly paid and just want to get as many jobs done as possible. For them, your brand doesn’t matter.

I shared this with a few industry players back in early March, and still, nothing has changed. This drop-off is a unique opportunity to interact with your brand – and you’re fumbling it.

Why doesn’t my security camera app tell me that this was an authorized delivery, all OK, and by the way: Here is a personalized video about the items that just were delivered.  This is how you use the new Dyson vacuum, and did you know about the available accessories?

There is so much lost opportunity, to create excitement, anticipation, and engagement even when I’m not home, even when I cannot interact with the delivery person.

Thoughts? Opinions? Comments? Corrections?