What I do for work

I am a partner at an international investment firm in San Francisco, mainly working on direct investments  in B2B startups at the B/C/D stage.  The partnership also invests into other venture capital and private equity funds. I write about things I stumble upon, and all posts reflect only my own thoughts and opinions. They do not represent my firms opinions, findings, analysis, or convictions.

What I do for fun

I live with my wife and two kids in the flats of Berkeley, CA.  We love being outside. When we don’t take hikes or visit museums or the library, you will find me in my backyard trying to advance my wood working skills or having more silly ideas for my n-scale model railroad. As soon as the roads are dry you might catch me downhill skateboarding the Berkeley hills or the many great South Bay spots near San Jose or Palo Alto (please pick up more hitch-hiking longboarders up the hill — you never know, maybe it’s a VC).

What’s up with the pictures?

These are all close-ups of my woodworking hand tools I am using to build stuff. I love the feeling of them, the brass knobs and ductile iron. I enjoy the maintenance necessary to do great work. Planes constantly need sharpening and adjustments, as do the saw blades, gauges, chisels, etc. Sometimes slack is a good thing, sometimes it’s not. Minute adjustments 1/1000th of an inch make all the difference for truing up boards for glueing, working around knots and reading the grain. Every mistake amplifies over time. A lot can be learned from listening to your tools. I think there are a lot of parallels between my professional work and my hobbies.


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