The Most Important Pricing Questions for Cost Saving and Efficiency Products

If your employees had magically one additional workday more per week than your competitor, what would you have them work on?

If you would magically have $50,000 more budget per week, what would you spend it on?

Many startups are struggling with pricing when their product or solution is saving cost or time (or both): If the cost-saving is $100,000 you can probably only charge $10,000 — 1/10th — to make someone buy from a startup. If you save time, what’s it worth: The hours saved? But what is someone doing with these found hours: Can they drive value or are people just going home early? Even worse: Are you removing friction for something that’s part of a job description and expected, and there is no additional value creation or appreciation?

You have to find out the value of these efficiencies, cost savings, time savings.

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