Podcasts and Blogs I Recommend.

Aside from the Books I Recommend, I noticed that every two weeks or so someone asks me about good blogs or podcasts to follow. For the longest time I had mixed feelings about it. Books are static. The opinion (and sanity) of bloggers and podcasters might change. I also don’t catch every podcast or blog post. So far, I found the list below helpful.

Venture Capital

  • Podcast: Origins – by Notation, “Origins – A podcast about Limited Partners, created by Notation Capital”: https://notation.vc/#podcast
  • Blog: A VC, “I write something here every weekday and sometimes on the weekends too. I’ve been doing that since September 2003.”: https://avc.com/
  • Blog: Hunter Walker, “Partner @Homebrew. Seed stage venture fund serving founders who enable individuals and small biz to think big”, https://hunterwalk.com/

Startups and Finance

  • Blog: Kellblog, “Kellblog covers topics related to starting, leading, and scaling enterprise software startups, including strategy, marketing, management, SaaS metrics, and venture capital financing.”: https://kellblog.com/
  • Blog: Nir and Far, “plan better, work better, live better”: https://www.nirandfar.com/
  • Podcast: The Solana Podcast, “a discussion between industry leaders in both blockchain and technology, [Solana’s] team, and community developers“: https://podcast.solana.com/

Security, Law, Policy

  • Podcast: The Lawfare Podcast, “issues from foreign policy, homeland security, intelligence, and cybersecurity to governance and law”: https://www.lawfareblog.com/topic/lawfare-podcast
  • Podcast: Pod Save America, “Four former aides to President Obama—Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, Dan Pfeiffer and Tommy Vietor—are joined by journalists, politicians, activists, and more for a no-bt conversation about politics”: https://crooked.com/podcast-series/pod-save-america/
  • Podcast: Strict Scrutiny, “Strict Scrutiny is a podcast about the United States Supreme Court and the legal culture that surrounds it”: https://crooked.com/podcast-series/strict-scrutiny/
  • Show: The Daily Wire Plus, “DailyWire+ is the streaming home of The Daily Wire, Jordan Peterson, Movies, PragerU, and DW Kids. [..] The Daily Wire does not claim to be without bias. We’re opinionated, we’re noisy, and we’re having a good time.” https://www.dailywire.com/watch/jordan-peterson (don’t just tune out yet. It’s good to listen to different opinions. This platform might get hijacked at some point, but for now, I find the alternative story-telling interesting and useful.)

Management and Leadership

Thoughts? Opinions? Comments? Corrections?