“Every Day we cross invisible thresholds to who we are becoming.”


lindsey.a.elliott Every day — silently, and without notice — we cross invisible thresholds to who we are becoming. It explains that feeling of waking up and not recognizing your life, or how you got there. A disorientation I often feel in the craze of entrepreneurship. These words from David Whyte reminded me to take notice — who is it you are becoming today?


if you move carefully⠀
through the forest⠀

like the ones⠀
in the old stories⠀

who could cross⠀
a shimmering bed of dry leaves⠀
without a sound, ⠀

you come⠀
to a place⠀
whose only task⠀

is to trouble you⠀
with tiny⠀
but frightening requests⠀

conceived out of nowhere⠀
but in this place⠀
beginning to lead everywhere.⠀

Requests to stop what⠀
you are doing right now,⠀

to stop what you⠀
are becoming⠀
while you do it,⠀

that can make⠀
or unmake⠀
a life,⠀

that have patiently⠀
waited for you,⠀

that have no right⠀
to go away.⠀

  - David Whyte


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