Jocko and Startups: Am I a good Leader?

[There are countless obvious lessons from Jocko’s books and podcasts that apply to all people and all companies. Here are some insights that might be less obvious from the last #muster.]

As board members and VC investors, we often get asked: “What are your other companies and CEOs doing? Am I a good leader?” Most CEOs focus on traits. Or on skills. They are doing 360 reviews. They get mentors. These are all good things to do. But they are a complex answer. There is a simple test that will show you whether you are a good leader. Instead of asking “Am I a good leader” ask

Is my team successful?

“There are no bad teams. There are only bad leaders,” says Jocko. Sometimes you have to change up the team, true. But if your team is not successful, then you are not a good leader. And you know what “success” means for you, don’t you chicken-out and redefine it. And don’t tell me. Tell yourself.

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