AI is a System, not a Technology.

It is confusing for me why people are talking about “we’re using AI to do <XYZ>”.  AI is a system, not a technology. You need to operate with the system. You cannot replace a specific technology or platform with AI if you don’t replace all the systems as well.

AI is a system of:

  • People & Processes
  • Integration
  • Architecture
  • Taxonomy
  • Technology
  • Model
  • Data

If you’re pitching me your startup, make sure all your operations and activities support and activate that system:

  1. Does your team have all the skills to operate the system? (see also: Your Team Slide Sucks.)
  2. How is AI part of your long-term vision? You can sometimes change technologies, but you will have a hard time changing systems.
  3. How does AI contribute to hypergrowth?
  4. Is AI really necessary? Is it hard? Or is it a gimmick?

Thoughts? Opinions? Comments? Corrections?